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Hiya, I don't think it is the "racial baggage" that black gay men carry as a burden whilst dating other black males.

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Therefore striving to date within you're own culture can be challenging, especially if close relatives may have conflicting views with you, with regards to sexual-orientation. Furthermore, deciding to date outside of your own-kind with other gay males, is an alleviation from being oppressed and marginalised by members of you're own culture because of the stereotypes, therefore you feel misunderstood and devalued. In addition, white men are not superior over every race, and I will not date white males if they have that mentality, the end x.

I grew up in a mostly white neighborhood when i was young.

My best friends were white boys. Of course now i have a preference for white Men.

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I like color men but i can't seem to find the handsome ones i see in DC area in the Midwest. So i do what's natural and go after GWM's. I'm not sure I agree with either the stats or the realities. I lived in San Francisco for 30 years. The men I knew who were also Black in SF were my buddies and none of whom I was attracted to and if I wanted to date other brothers.

I had to go searching for them. The Castro was not the place to meet other Black men, and my business was located there. I DO agree with the internalized racism part. Many Black men seemed to feel they had not arrived if they did not have a White lover.

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Not for reasons of race, but for reasons of poor childhood upbringing. Given my druthers, I'd rather be with a brother. Kevin Hart has reportedly stepped down as Oscars host, due to the Academy insisting that h Believe it or not; guys need love too.

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