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A new study in mice reveals that a subset of neurons in an Results show that men The research investigates the role that facial That's the question at the core of an ongoing debate as to whether or not sexuality remains stable throughout a person's In many parts of the So says a researcher who led a Since the s, the percentage of adults who accept same-sex behavior has quadrupled, and those who have Want to Learn a New Skill?

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Take Some Short Breaks. The new genes reveal the metabolic pathways and regulatory processes Most research into prenatal exposure to anesthesia has focused killing brain cells, this rat Lower Pension, Shorter Life Apr. Neal said his campaign had gone smoothly, except for the day someone put a sticker for a white supremacist group on a lawn sign in front of his home. The rising number of L.

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Its actions have included an attempt to ban transgender people from serving in the military and a Justice Department decision to argue that the Civil Rights Act does not protect gay workers. A shift to the right is also looming on the Supreme Court with the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh , a conservative jurist, to replace the retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy, who wrote many of the landmark gay rights cases decided by the court in recent years. There are roughly openly L. That is 0. She said L. Davids, of Kansas, agreed.

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There are 13 states — largely in the Midwest and the South — where no gay or transgender people are serving in the legislature. The experience of candidates there point to the challenges that remain.

He lost by almost 40 points. Aycox, a police officer whose campaign proposed greater federal support of veterans, said he faced opposition from other Democrats who told him it was too early for Mississippi to elect a gay congressman.

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Aycox said. Religious beliefs are the governing framework for this state. Boykin said, pointing out that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton initially opposed gay marriage.

ISIS throws gay men off buildings

That is why some, like Ms. Davids, said they were running for office in the first place: Liam Stack reported from Kansas City, Kan.

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Liam Stack is a political reporter. Before joining the politics team, he was a general assignment reporter based in New York and a Middle East correspondent based in Cairo.

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Catie Edmondson is a reporter in the Washington bureau, covering Congress. Candidates Than Ever. Read more about racial minority candidates and women running for office.